Twelve Mouthwatering Vegan Grill Recipes

Grilling vegetables outdoors, vegan barbecue

Whether you’re a vegan or have friends or family who are, grilling vegan-friendly food options can be a real challenge. But just because you don’t eat meat or animal-based products doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that smoky grilled taste that you’ll only get when you prepare your food on the best portable charcoal grill. We’ve included ten mouthwatering vegan grill recipes that are easy to make, packed with flavor and will quickly become your favorite go-to meals during the grilling season.

If you’re tired of eating a salad at every family get together in the summer, then these vegan grill recipes are just what you need to enjoy grilling season. Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on firing up the grill during a hot summer night. These recipes are entirely plant-based and include combinations of textures and flavors that will really have you looking forward to your next family cookout.

During the summer months, the sky is clear and grills are begin fired up in every neighborhood. But just because you follow a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to miss out on family barbeques.

The following healthy, veggie-based meal ideas will finally have you looking forward to barbeque season. Each recipe is not only vegan friendly, they’re also low-calorie, low-fat, and perfect for people following a diabetic diet or low-carb diet.

Succotash and Grilled Jalapeno Polenta

Succotash and Grilled Jalapeno Polenta

This dish is a fast and easy meal made from zucchini, ripe red peppers, fava beans, and corn. It’s served with tomato puree over squares of crispy jalapeno polenta.

Baby Potatoes with Rosemary

In the summer, nothing tastes better than grilled potatoes. These baby new potatoes should be crispy and charred on the outside, and creamy and moist on the inside. Top with fresh rosemary to bring out the flavor, and enjoy.

Bean, Cauliflower, Spinach, Artichoke Burgers

These burgers are made out of carrots, cauliflower, oatmeal, baby spinach, artichoke hearts, and northern beans. The crispy crust and combination of veggies give these burgers just the right texture for grilling and an almost sweet rich flavor that’s perfect for summer cookouts.

Carrot Dogs

These smoky carrot dogs should be marinated prior to grilling. They’re a great alternative to soy dogs and can be served with chickpea salad or a hearty side salad.

Black Bean Burgers

One of the most versatile and easiest grilling options for vegans is the black bean burger. It can be topped with your favorite salsa, avocado, onions, tomato, lettuce and a side of roasted corn. The black bean burger’s texture is very similar to that of beef, which makes it much easier to grill evenly.

Grilled Tofu

Balsamic tofu is firm and grills well on lower heat. It can be seasoned with a rich marinade prior to grilling. It can be served with egg-free Siracha mayo for a nice kick of flavor.

Artichoke and Bean Burger

White beans and artichokes can make for the perfect summer meal. When preparing the patties add fresh rosemary and lemon juice to bring out the flavor in the artichoke. You can also top it with your favorite hot sauce and top with grilled onions and guacamole.

Garlic Mixed Veggies

Assorted vegetables on wood background

A nice, basic side dish, grilled veggies can complete any vegan meal. When you grill up your veggies it will give them a nice charred, smoky flavor that will make them the perfect addition to any of the meal ideas we’ve included here.

Quinoa and Umami Almond Burgers

These burgers are packed with flavor thanks to the combination of quinoa and roasted almonds. Top these burgers with grilled onions, sundried tomatoes, and soy cheese. For these burgers, you’ll want to brush the grill with a little olive oil to prevent them from sticking.

Tofu Satay with Bok Choy

Grill up some boy choy with tofu for a full smoky flavor. Top this dish with store-bought or homemade peanut sauce for a decadent dish that will go well with a side of jasmine rice and grilled asparagus.

Amaranth Flatbread

If you have a ceramic grill like the Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr, Red Charcoal kamado Grill you can make your own flatbread right on the grill. This amaranth flatbread should be topped with black mission figs, a decadent shallot cream sauce, and roasted corn. Once you add the toppings, place it back on the grill and let it get nice and melty.

Grilled Summer Peaches

Soft, melty grilled peaches swimming in a whipped margarine will make the perfect dessert at your next barbeque. Place the peaches in a foil packet, add the butter substitute and allow the peaches to get nice and steamy before removing from the grill.

Grilling Ingredients and Tools

If you’re getting ready for the grilling season, the following tools and supplies will have you prepared to cook up your favorite vegan dishes:

Basic grilling tools: Purchase a good pair of long-handled tongs and a spatula, and a pastry brush you can use to brush on your favorite sauces when you’re grilling.

Foil: Make foil packets to cook your favorite fruits and veggies, or place a sheet of foil right on the grate if you don’t want to use an oil when you’re making certain dishes that are prone to sticking, such as veggie burgers.

Barbeque Grilling

Grill bags: Grill bags will come in handy if you want to quickly whip up some veggies. These nonstick mesh bags come complete with metal snaps. To use, stuff the bag with your favorite veggies and flip over every two to three minutes. These bags are perfect for corn, beans, or diced up fruits and veggies.

Avocado spray: Avocado spray is perfect for giving tofu, veggies burgers, cauliflower steaks, or tempeh an extra kick of flavor, while preventing your food from sticking to the grill. Additionally, avocado oil has a sort of neutral flavor and a high smoke point, so it can be your go-to choice for pretty much anything you put on the grate.

Baking sheet: A sturdy, large baking sheet will come in handy for placing cooked foods, grill utensils, and other grilling supplies.

Metal skewers: If you love making kebabs, then a set of metal skewers is a must. We recommend the metal instead of the disposable wooden skewers because fruits and veggies tend to slide right off. The metal skewers will hold your food firmly in place as it grills.

Dry spices: Spices allow you to explore and experiment with new tastes. Grilling favorites include: Chili flakes, mustard powder, garlic, paprika, and onion powder.

Citrus slices: Grill up some lime, lemon, or orange halves until the flesh is charred and serve them with your favorite veggies. The caramelized citrus fruits will add some extra flavor to your favorite dishes.

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Can I Cook Vegan Food on the Same Grill as Meat?

If you’re not vegan, then you may not be familiar with what veganism is all about. If you’re preparing food for a vegan friend or family member, there are some rules that apply when you’re grilling. Vegan food should not be cooked at the same time as any meat or animal-based products. Additionally, you cannot use any type of animal-based product such as butter when preparing their food. We recommend grilling the vegan dish before you prepare any meat or animal-based dish on the grill. Otherwise, you’ll need to clean off the grate before you cook the vegan dish. This prevents any stuck on pieces of meat on the grate from coming into contact with the vegan food. If you need more guidance in terms of how to correctly prepare food for your vegan family or friends, don’t be afraid to ask them questions. They’ll appreciate your respect for their way of eating and your willingness to learn how to prepare food that’s vegan-friendly.

Final Thoughts

If you’re tired of feeling left out at family barbeques, then these vegan grill recipes can finally have you looking forward to the grilling season. Each recipe is very versatile, so you can feel free to change up the spices, seasonings, and sauces used. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Try your hand at using different toppings, textures, and sauces to really bring out that smoky flavor in your veggies.