Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full Size Gas Grill Review

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The latest gas grill by Cuisinart may just be the best gas grill on the market. The CGG 7400 is a full-sized model that can easily handle cooking for a large crowd. It offers a larger than average cooking surface, complete with cast-iron cooking grates for improved heating efficiency and a faster grilling process. If you’re looking for a grill that’s going to last season after season, then your search is over.

Our Verdict
This gas grill by Cuisinart is solidly built and comes loaded with some great extra features including two side tables, a built-in thermometer, a built-in bottle opener, and a huge warming rack. The bigger than average cooking surface, combined with the four gas burners will allow you to multitask and easily prepare food for your next hosting event. The stainless steel construction will protect the interior of the grill in inclement weather, while the cast-iron grates improve heat distribution and allow you to grill up your favorite cuts of meat faster than ever. Overall, this grill is a great investment and perfect for any home cook who is passionate about backyard grilling.

Overview and Features

If you’ve purchased appliances from this manufacturer in the past, then you already know their products are built tough and designed to last. That remains true with their extensive grill line, with their best-seller creating a buzz in the grilling world. This gas grill is loaded with some great features, like most models from this manufacturer. So, it comes as no surprise that this model rated well with most grill enthusiasts. Of course, the larger than average cooking surface is one of the main reasons people are flocking to this model, but it also has some other great features to offer that can make your next backyard barbeque a breeze.

If you’re eager to test out cheap grilling ideas, this is the perfect model to experiment with and try out a variety of new recipes, thanks to its precise temperature control, which will allow you to multitask and cook a variety of different meats at the same time.

Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full Size Gas Grill

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

small grill

  • Larger cooking surface
  • Warming rack
  • Four burners for precise temperature control
  • Two side tables
  • Cast-iron cooking grates
  • Stainless steel construction

Grilling Power

This model boasts a total of four eleven thousand BTU burners, for a total of forty-four thousand BTUs of cooking power.

Surface Space

As I mentioned, this model offers a larger than average grilling surface that measures in at four hundred and forty-three square inches. It also comes with an additional one hundred and sixty-seven square inches of space on the warming rack. Basically, this model is set up for hosting large get-togethers. You can produce steak after steak, allowing them to slowly cook on the warming rack, or serve up a large order of burgers and dogs in a matter of minutes, as the buns are toasted a nice golden brown.

Cooking Grates

This model is equipped with thick, durable cast-iron cooking grates. As you’re probably already aware, cast-iron is known for its ability to cook food faster, thanks to its even heat distribution. Cast-iron also becomes seasoned over time, allowing the grates to flavor future grilling sessions. Because they’re so durable, they rarely need to be replaced. However, you must provide the usual TLC that all grates require.

Get a good grill brush and scrub the grill before and after each use. Additionally, the grates must be protected from the elements since cast-iron is prone to rust. Because of this, I recommend investing in a barbeque cover. If possible, store the grill in your garage when not in use to further protect it from the elements. Never store the grates wet. As I mentioned, cast-iron can easily rust. Always make sure that the grates are completely dry, especially after a deep clean or good scrub down.

Side tables

You’ll also notice the grill comes with a couple of large side tables. These tables measure in at eighteen inches by thirteen inches. The side tables will help you prepare for a big grilling session, allowing you to set up all the food and equipment you need, right at hand, so it’s easily accessible.

Lid and Control Panel

The grill’s control panel is made out of stainless-steel for improved durability.

Total Temperature Control

food in a grill

When you’re grilling certain cuts of meat, temperature control is everything. The grill’s four burners will provide you with maximum control over the main cooking surface’s temperature. You can use the burners to set different temperatures for each section of the burner. This means you can use one burner to sear a steak, with another burner set to medium to quickly roast some hot dogs, and have another burner set on low to allow steak to continue to cook and better retain juices. The last burner can be used to fry up a hamburger.

This type of versatility will allow you to multitask while you grill and keep every member of the family happy. Better still, everyone can enjoy their dinner at the same time. No longer will you have to choose which meat to grill first. This type of versatility and precise temperature control is priceless.

Stainless-Steel Design

If you’re planning on storing your grill outdoors, then it makes sense to buy one that’s made out of rust-resistant stainless steel. The model’s burners, control knobs, and cover are all made out of tough stainless steel, so they won’t rust if left out in the rain. Additionally, the grill’s stainless steel cart is topped off with enamel paint, which is just another reason this model should be categorized as low-maintenance.


Unlike a portable charcoal grill, you don’t have to use a lighter or matches to fire up this model. Each of the burners works independently, using one of the gas-powered control knobs. Each of the knobs makes it simple to precisely choose the heat setting whether you’re grilling a steak or slow cooking a brisket.

Cart and Wheels

This model should only be used on a stable, flat surface. As I mentioned earlier, the cart has a thick enamel coating over stainless steel. The cart itself is heavy, durable, and will ensure your grill remains stable and securely in place.

Extra Features

This model also comes with some great extra features including:

Thermometer: The included thermometer is easy to read and very accurate. It will come in handy when you’re slow-cooking meats or grilling up some poultry. But it can also be used for other dishes including bread, desserts, or side dishes. The thermometer will allow you to keep a close eye on your food as it cooks and can help to prevent undercooking or overcooking.

Bottle opener: When you’re grilling, you may want to kick back and relax and enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer evening. The addition of a built-in thermometer is just perfect. This is a handy grilling tool to have around, so there’s no need to run inside and search through drawers as you rush to get back to your grilling. It just shows me that Cuisinart is one of those companies that has their customer’s user experience in mind. Really, they’ve thought of everything.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Two side tables
  • Large cooking surface
  • Warming rack
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Precise temperature control
  • Cast-iron grates


  • Grates can rust if the grill is left uncovered in inclement weather

Cuisinart CGG Versus Weber Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

If you’re known to take your grilling seriously, then this is a model that’s designed for you. The large cast-iron grates will retain heat much longer than a stainless steel grate can, and it excels at heat distribution. The large cooking space combined with the warming rack gives you a total cooking space of six hundred and ten inches. So, just imagine how much grilling you can get done in a matter of minutes. But how does this model measure up to the competition?

The competing model by Weber is another leading gas grill that comes loaded with some great features including cast-iron cooking grates, a porcelain-coated flavorizer bar, a cooking surface area of four hundred and fifty inches and a large warming rack. However, the Weber Spirit grill only offers a couple of temperature zones, whereas this Cuisinart model provides a total of four, not counting the warming rack. Ultimately, I felt that this model offered more precise temperature control compared to the competition, although both offer comparable cooking space and similar features.

Final Thoughts

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

small grillThe CGG gas grill by Cuisinart is equipped with four burners, cast-iron grates, and stainless steel construction. It also features some great extras such as a large warming rack, a couple of side tables, and a built-in thermometer and a bottle opener. The larger than average cooking surface allows users to grill their favorite cuts of meat faster than ever before, while the built-in side tables will keep all of your food and grilling supplies easily accessible. This multitasking machine is a steal for the price. I gave this model a rating of four and a half stars out of five.